The beginning of The Rio You: Riad Norma

City: Fes

Coming back from vacation and looking at old photos, I realize this is the beginning of my interior studies. I traveled to Morocco in August of 2010, and Riad Norma made me grow a special fondness for the Moroccan ambiance. The intricate handmade mosaic on the walls, warm earthy colors contrasted with vibrant reds, create a soothing yet mystical ambiance that is characteristic of the Moroccan charm. The furniture is spread around the room so to keep the air flowing.

Moroccan decor is multicultural, a reflection of the large number of cultural influences that have come to shape the decor throughout the centuries. A blend of styles borrowed from European influences from Spain, Portugal, and France combined with Persian, Islamic, and African elements.

I gazed for days at these walls

I love the shade of tinted windows